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Understanding Mold

Our goal is to provide all of our customers with honest, reliable mold remediation services and return their house to a healthy home.

Exposure to mold on a property can cause allergic reactions, asthma and other respiratory issues in people. At least mold can be controlled by monitoring moisture and eliminating its sources in a home, business or office. This can be done by venting bathrooms and other rooms that generate moisture by increasing ventilation, as well as relying on air conditioning units. When cooking and cleaning a kitchen, the use of exhaust fans is highly recommended.

Often times, the source of mold is a water leak that must be fixed. If any building material or furniture gets wet, make sure it is completely dried within one to two days. Otherwise, mold will likely appear.

When a homeowner does see mold on hard surfaces, it should be cleaned off with water and detergent. Just make sure it is completely dried, or you can do even more damage to your property. Unfortunately, ceiling tiles and other materials that absorb water need to be tossed out and replaced.

Decreasing the amount of humidity in the air can reduce mold by approximately 50 percent. This is done by using insulation to prevent condensation in walls, pipes, and floors.

Finally, never put in carpet where a moisture problem may arise, like beside a bath, under a sink or next to a water fountain.


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