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Mold’s Effects on Humans

Our goal is to provide all of our customers with honest, reliable mold remediation services and return their house to a healthy home.

It is crucial that you catch any and all mold in a home and get rid of it all before any health issues arise. Depending on the type and the length of exposure, mold can be extremely toxic to men, women, children, and pets. Kids, as well as senior citizens and pregnant women, are especially susceptible to its negative effects.

People who are sensitive to mold can suffer severely when exposed to it. Symptoms range from chest and nasal congestion to coughing, sore throats, irritated skin and throbbing headaches.

Then there are the dangerous respiratory conditions. Mold can do harm to individuals’ lungs, and even cause respiratory issues in otherwise healthy people. Before a person knows it, mold can cause him or her to cough and experience a shortness of breath. Mold even intensifies asthma attacks in those with respiratory illnesses.

Even more severe conditions than asthma can be produced by mold. Prolonged exposure can even be life-threatening, as mold can do everything from scar one’s lungs to form cancer cells. Blood disorders and kidney conditions can develop.

Locating mold and eliminating it from a property can be rather complex. Not only is it difficult to spot, but being in the presence of mold can also be dangerous. Thankfully, Mold Remediation Specialists will take care of business.


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